Being a good neighbor

Good Neighbor Guidelines & Resources

Good Neighbor Guidelines

The overarching goals of The Good Neighbor Guidelines are to enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods:

  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Keep social functions to a minimum
  • Keep your property presentable
  • Recognize that your neighbors are not students and they do not live on the same "student schedule"
  • Take an active role in your community

Quick Reference for Addressing Problematic and Disruptive Neighbor Behavior

Includes tips for addressing:

  • Failure to maintain lawn and property
  • More than 4 unrelated people living in a single family home
  • Cars parked on lawns and/or blocking driveways, mailboxes or sidewalks
  • Cars driving at high rates of speed on a residential street
  • Loud noise associated with talking, yelling, music, etc. after 10:00 p.m

Code Enforcement Brochure

The City of Riverside Code Enforcement Division brochure offers tips on how to be a good neighbor, the responsibilities of a property owner, and information about Riverside Code Enforcement.

University of California Policies

The most current system-wide policies applying to campus activities, organizations and students.

Riverside Municipal Codes

As part of being a good neighbor, residents are required to adhere to all applicable sections of the Riverside Municipal Code. Those noted below are of particular concern in a University neighborhood.

Riverside Municipal Code 6.14.030

  • Outlines a property owner's and/or occupant's duty to maintain exterior structure appearance.  

Riverside Municipal Code 6.14.020

  • Outlines a property owner's and/or occupant's duty to maintain landscaping.

Riverside Municipal Code 6.15.020 G-1

  • Prohibits parking vehicles on the front or side yard in all residential zones.

Riverside Municipal Code 7.25.010 

  • Sets the exterior noise standards for various land use categories, (Residential areas prohibit noise above 45 decibels at night and above 55 decibels during daytime hours) 

Riverside Municipal Code 7.30.015 

  • Sets the interior noise standards for various land use categories, (Residential areas prohibit noise above 35 decibels at night and above 45 decibels during daytime hours, as measured from within another dwelling unit).

Riverside Municipal Code 7.35.010

  • Prohibits, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., noise that is disturbing, annoying or offensive that is clearly audible at a distance of fifty (50) feet from the property.

Riverside Municipal Code 9.07.040

  • Details police response to loud or large parties, the issuing of a written warning , and the subsequent police service fee for continued disturbances.

Riverside Municipal Code 9.16.180

  • Prohibits littering on occupied private property.

Riverside Municipal Code 9.16.190

  • Property owner is to maintain premises free of litter.

Riverside Municipal Code 9.28.070

  • Authority of City and its extensions to conduct the abatement and removal of nuisance vehicles.

Riverside Municipal Code 10.53.010

  • Prohibits "cruising" on public streets.

Riverside Municipal Code 13.04.010

  • Prohibits loitering in public byways so as to obstruct the passage of vehicles or persons.

Riverside Municipal Code 19.520.030

  • Allows for occupancy of a maximum of four (4) renters in any single-family dwelling.