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Supporting UCR and Public Higher Education

Funding and policy challenges facing UCR and public higher education require development of a broad-based network of advocates to communicate with federal, state, and local officials. This network must include faculty, students, administrators, staff, alumni, and friends who share an interest in sustaining UCR's excellence for future generations. While specific goals and objectives will vary from year to year, the overall mission remains the same -- maintaining and, where possible, increasing community and legislative support for the instructional, research, and public service programs at UCR. The University needs advocates who will advance the interest and promote the welfare of the University of California to the legislature. UC needs advocates who will share their unique experience and perspective with legislators.

Mission of UCR Advocacy 

The mission of UCR Advocacy is to enhance public understanding and support of the University of California and UC Riverside. Advocates help convey University-wide and campus-specific messages to ensure that the University's mission as well as its legislative and budgetary objective are given due consideration by governmental decision makers and the general public.

Our advocate network functions at the behest of the University's established advocacy efforts through its state and federal relations offices located in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., respectively, and through each campus' governmental relations offices.

UCR Advocacy is composed of members all throughout our campus communities- alumni, students, staff, faculty, parents, etc.- who actively support the University of California.

Thank you for giving your time and effort to support the University of California!

Why Advocates Are Important:

Public support for UCR is crucial to retaining our distinguished faculty and maintaining state-of-the-art facilities necessary to support our internationally recognized instructional, research, and community service programs.

Why now?

Shifting budget priorities. Term limits. Competition for research dollars. Demand for services. These factors have altered the scope and structure of our efforts to nurture public support for UCR's educational, research, and community service missions. UCR once relied largely on faculty, administrators and staff as University advocates in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. Today, UCR also depends on well-trained advocates with an array of interest and talents to represent the needs, accomplishments, and goals of UCR.

The UC Advocacy Network is a powerful force that speaks out for you: Your education. Your health. Your future.
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How can I become a #UCRAdvocate?

Join the UC Advocacy Network (UCAN)! 
The UC Advocacy Network (UCAN) is a community of committed people who lend their voices to shape state and federal policies promoting the university's mission of education, research and public service.