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Public Safety & Law Enforcement

University Neighborhood Enhancement Team

Contact: (951) 686-7289

The University Neighborhood Enhancement Team (UNET) is a cooperative effort between the University of California Police Department at Riverside and the Riverside Police Department. Each agency has committed four officers and one sergeant to a 17-square-mile area surrounding the university. UNET responds to calls for service between the hours of 7 a.m. and 1 a.m. Team members work with students who rent single-family residences in the area. UNET uses the Riverside City Loud Party Ordinance to decrease the number of repeat visits by law enforcement and to quickly stop disturbances. Time and effort is spent helping the students understand how to be good neighbors.

UNET Actions to Address Community Concerns

City of Riverside Police Department

Non-Emergency: (951) 787-7911
Emergency or crime in progress: 911
Watch Commander: (951) 351-6050
City of Riverside Police Department
Online Reporting

University of California, Riverside Police Department

On Campus Non-Emergency: (951) 827-5222
On Campus Emergency: 911

University of California Police Department operates 24 hours-per-day, 365 days a year. It employs police officers, security guards, and Community Service Officers (CSOs) to deliver public safety services on campus, and near the campus through UNET.

Student Conduct

Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor & Dean of Student Services

Contact: (951) 827-6095

Good Neighbor Report Form: Online reporting through Dean of Students

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Programs

Contact: (951) 827-4208

The office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Programs is responsible for addressing alleged incidents of academic and non-academic violations of UCR Standards of Conduct that involve UCR students.

Traffic Safety & Parking Issues

City of Riverside Public Works Department, Traffic Engineering Division

Contact: (951) 826-5366

The City of Riverside's Neighborhood Traffic Management Program begins with the neighborhoods themselves and is dedicated to improving the livability of neighborhoods through controlling the impact of outside traffic influences on residential streets. Issues such as speeding, cut-through traffic, residential parking, speed humps, pedestrian safety and sight obstruction should contact this office.

UCR Transportation & Parking Services

Contact: (951) 827-4395

UC Riverside Transportation and Parking Services is responsible for the operation of campus transit services such as the Highlander Hauler and is responsible for the operation and enforcement of parking on the campus.
Transportation and Parking Services

Zoning & Code Issues

City of Riverside Code Compliance

Contact: (951) 826-5633

The Code Compliance Division has overall responsibility for all property maintenance and zoning code compliance in the City. This activity is responsible for: response to and processing of zoning violations; the securing of or eliminating dangerous buildings; surveying and posting of properties for weed abatement and contracting for abatement when required; handling of complaints concerning illegal dumping and trash build-up on private properties; and enforcement of the Vehicle Abatement Program.
Online Code Compliance Reporting

UNET Code Compliance Officer

Contact: (951) 686-7291

City of Riverside Office of Housing & Neighborhoods

Contact: (951) 826-5195

The mission of the Office of Housing & Neighborhoods is to be an advocate/liaison for neighborhoods at city hall and to provide support to the Riverside Neighborhood Partnership. The Office of Housing & Neighborhoods provides free information and support to residents interested in working together to improve their neighborhoods and provides a direct link between neighborhood groups and the services and resources available to them in addressing quality of life issues at the neighborhood level.

Other Resources

Caltrans Public Affairs

Terese Lagana 
Contact: (909) 383-4416 

Graffiti Hot Line

Contact: 1-866-824-7333

Riverside Connected, Non-Emergency Reporting

Contact : (951) 826-5311
Non-Emergency Reporting

Riverside County Transportation Commission/Metrolink Project

Contact: (951) 787-7141 
RCTC Rail Project

UCR Architects and Engineers Office

Contact: (951) 827-2269